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Kleenmaster/CleanMaster Sinks will build you a sink for that special washing need.  If you need to keep up with Dog Grooming your pets, or washing the etching acid off of your Art Glass project, we have a model for you.  If we don't have a stock model, then we will build you a custom sink!  We are thermoplastic welders using a material called polypropylene, which will last a lifetime of use.


We can build you any size or shape of sink.  We have many stock sizes available.  All of our sinks are hand-made in Wisconsin, USA.

We design and manufacture many styles of sinks and products for the fruit packing, meat processing, and cheesemaking businesses.  We have built thousands of sinks from dog washing uses, to stained glass rinsing of the residue and flux.  The material I use is called polypropylene, which is a virtually indestructible plastic that comes in the colors of white or black.  Plus, it always looks clean.  Out of hundreds of chemicals, only a handful of them will stain it, and these substances are not used by the average person anyway!  All sinks are hand machine welded together.  All sinks come with a pullout faucet, an all-steel powder-coated frame, and adjustable legs
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